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"GUS" Plastic Travel Mug


Best plastic travel mug available, includes high quality lid.  Reusable, environmentally friendly, coffee/tea mug.  Fits perfectly in car cup holders and keeps your drink hot for longer than a paper mug!

GUS the sea otter logo is stenciled on the front, Gus is very special to us since he was drawn by one of our longtime customers Gus Arriola.   Gus Arriola drew the Cartoon GORDO, he and some other cartoonists used to meet here at the coffee shop once a week to solve the problems of the world, some names you might recognize like Bill Bates, Eldon Dedini (drew for Playboy), Frank O'Neil (Who drew Short Ribs ) and the Hank Ketcham of Dennis the Menace fame were among the group of regulars.  Gus Arriola drew the cartoon Gordo it ran for 44 years from 1941 to 1985 in as many as 270 newspapers and gained fame as one the first ethnic themed cartoons.  So when we needed a new logo with a cute sea otter, one of the partners went to the cartoon club and asked if one of them would be willing to draw us a sea otter we could us.  Gus said, “ I'll do it in exchange for a birthday cake!  It's my birthday next week.”  Thus Gus the otter was born.  Sadly we lost the real Gus about three months later.

Gus the sea otter logo/mascot was born over a birthday celebration.